Reviews Of R & M Refrigeration

4.92 12 Reviews
Nov 03, 2016

This guys are good and honest.

melissa mccallum
Jul 25, 2016

Best place if you have any commercial refg. And HVAC issues..they even do residential HVAC

Dominic Boull
May 12, 2016

Rod is fantastic to work with. These guys really work hard and service restaurant refrigeration and kitchen equipment all over town

Dan Hauter
Mar 10, 2016

Very good at all the work they do.

Willie Fiscus
Nov 13, 2015

It’s no wonder R & M Refrigeration is successful when considering the work ethic, honesty, and integrity that the owner of the company Rod McCallum possesses and demonstrates every day. He always brings a positive, upbeat energy and demonstrates his ability to perform the trade beyond normal standards. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a day he lacked a sense of urgency which is one of the major things I look for in a company.

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